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Hello and Welcome!

This is In My Mother’s Kitchen, a blog by Happy Belly Life!


First off, thank you for visiting!

Second, let me share a tiny bit with you about what you can expect from In My Mother’s Kitchen.

I’ll be posting at least once weekly on a few key topics:

  1. Food & Current Nutrition Trends  I am learning of myself that I have fairly strong opinions.  But so do a lot of other people.  Historically I’ve kept my opinions largely to myself; but here I’ll be sharing my opinions on nutrition fads and trends rather unabashedly.
  2. Outdoor Adventures  This is what I live for.  This is why I eat.  As much as my life allows, I will be outside soaking up every last bit of nature that I can.  I’ll share my adventures with you here.  I also race – trail and some road running and *newly* ski mountaineering – I’ll be sharing about those adventures here as well.
  3. Recipes  With the advent of my new healthy home-cooking program, Healthnut, I will be sharing recipes on a much more regular basis via this blog.  If you are interested in receiving monthly seasonal recipes with batch-cooking instructions and a meal plan, join me over at!
  4. Life & Wellness  From time to time I will use this blog as a personal-public journal!  I will share plenty about myself, and also explore tips and ideas for an overall healthy life.

For more information about me (Natalie) and my business (Happy Belly Life), please visit my business site over at


Thanks again for stopping by!  I hope you enjoy!

Back Porch Mike & Natalie
Enjoying a summer feast with Michael on the back deck.  Disclaimer: yes I do consider beer in moderation to be part of a healthy diet, for most!

In great health & happy bellies,